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Richard Feilden Future Schools Autumn Seminar

11 September 2005

"Spaces for Children"

4pm -5.30pm 4th October 2005

Main Speaker: Mark Dudek, Director, Mark Dudek Associates

Speakers: Other Contributors to the book, TBC

Venue: School Works Conference Room, 1 London Bridge, London, SE1 9BG

The talk will focus on a new book, "Spaces for Children" (published September 2005, Elsevier) a collection of essays from educationalists, historians, architects and psychologists offering an opinion and overview of environments affecting our children. Subjects covered include 'Talking and Listening to Children', how to design with the aid of young children, 'The Building as Third Teacher', how well designed school spaces communicate important messages to children about their lives.

In terms of children's environments this book attempts to answer the question; where do we go from here? Come and contribute to the debate.

Drinks reception to follow

Thank you to all who have participated in what has been an exciting and innovative programme of discussions to date. We have been delighted with the popularity and success of these events.

Share in the learning by downloading the Learning Bites which have been produced from the discussions and presentations from each of the seminars. Hard copies are available on request from contact

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